Meet George – The Agitator

Roze and George leading an international youth group in Chicago (2012)

Roze and George leading an international youth group in Chicago (2012)

I first met George in 2009 when I was coordinating a project that invited international companions who hosted groups from the United States to come together to engage in some listening around their experience of receiving us as short term missionaries – those who would come and travel in their countries to do projects. George was a partner of ours in Nairobi, Kenya who worked as a community organizer, church leader and activist. I noticed two things about George right away –  his sense of humor and his insistence on finding answers to difficult questions of justice, equality and peace.

During our meeting, George posed a question to me that I have never forgotten. We were in a heated discussion about the amount of money that Americans spend on short term mission trips, numbering in the billions. George and a few others could not understand how so many people going on mission trips would spend so much money but nothing would seem to change. At some point he frustratedly blurted out, “How can Americans not engage in advocacy when they see what’s happening around the world? How do you make a distinction between service and justice? For me one goes with the other. I can’t serve and not be an agent of justice.” He’s been the agitator in my life ever since.

George is someone who demands justice and peace. He engages youth, young adults and adults in projects that ask difficult questions and bring people together to create a new reality. His work has taken him all over the world and he currently lives in Geneva where he works with a non-profit that advocates for people with disabilities. As his Journey Guide bio reveals, he is someone with a deep passion for doing what is right and for fighting against inequalities and injustice.

I first went to Kenya in 2007 and I’ve been itching to get back ever since. So much has happened in Kenya since I was there and I’m looking forward to returning with a native Kenyan who can share his love of his country with us. George has taught me the importance of relationship and of using one’s power and influence to impact change. He is a key reason why Sacred Travel Journeys don’t engage in service trips and why we focus on accompaniment. We are all about experiences that change one’s perspective and foster awareness, peace and love.

Join us on our journey to Kenya, in August 2015 and sign up by visiting our Contact page.

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