Introducing our Journey Guides

Guide: One who assists a person to travel through or reach a destination in an unfamiliar area, as by accompanying or giving direction to the person; one who accompanies a sightseer to show points of interest and to explain their meaning or significance.

Sacred Travel Journeys would not exist without Journey Guides – individuals who have a deep passion for the people and places where Sacred Travel Journeys takes travelers. Guides help plan each part of the travelers journey, working closely with partners on the ground, to arrange logistics and create travel journeys that meet the core values of sacred travel journeys (accompaniment, listening, learning, reflection and growth). Guides provide direction, support and help travelers process and reflect upon their experience. Guides have either lived in or have an extensive knowledge of the place. Guides have been to each of the locations many times and we work tirelessly to maintain special relationships with our partners. A guide will never take travelers where they haven’t been and we always follow the lead of our hosts in every place we go.

One of my non-negotiables for the leadership of Sacred Travel Journeys is that I have to trust the people who are guides. I have to be in relationship with them and they have to be deeply connected to the places where we will go. This week, I’ll be introducing the guides who will be co-leading journeys with me from now until 2017. We have plans to go to the Holy Land, Kenya, El Salvador, West Africa and Cambodia. And we are just getting started!

I am excited to work with each of these individuals and look forward to sharing with you why they are so important to me. I have learned that relationships are EVERYTHING. I can’t exist without the people in my life; without authentic connections that constantly offer support, accountability and challenge me to go deeper and dream bigger. I have a special relationship with each of these guides and I look forward to introducing them to you this week.

Sending you light and love,



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